Tuesday, June 30, 2009

100. Denver

We spent 5 days in Denver, literally in the car. We drove and drove and then drove some more. Big mistake as it essentially introduced us to urban sprawl and you know how appealing that can be. It was sort of like, hello, welcome to the 909. The good news is that we did eventually find a couple areas that we liked, loved Golden and spent a great afternoon with an old work friend. Not that she's old, just that it's been a while.

While in Denver, we spent one night at Prospect RV Park in Wheat Ridge, CO. Unfortunately, they were full, the campground in Golden was full and we ended up at Golden Terace RV Resort. We didn't see that pool and those images are fairly misleading. In fact, the only "resort" we could find was that it was our LAST resort. I can only recommend it if you enjoy staying in a concrete and gravel parking lot, with trailers stacked up next to each other. Oh, you might also enjoy it if you planned on hitting the two biker bars just down the street. Otherwise, stay clear.


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