Friday, June 5, 2009


It's interesting, for me at least, to see the other campers. Once again, we don't fit the profile in that we're simply too young to be taking this much time. When I told a guy from Louisana by way of New York that we were traveling for five months, he said "how the hell you swingin' that at your age". I just smiled at him and said: internet money. He didn't need to know that it was temporary.

I like to watch people set up camp. You just never know what you're going to see. I should say that we're not perfect in our process, but I've learned enough to offer an opinion and then leave it alone. Tenters seem to have more issues that the other RVers, but then those poles can be a real bitch to get in right.

I'm particularly curious about the solo travleres. The other day, late in the afternoon, a young guy pulled into a tent site on a motorcycle with one backpack and two very small side bags on the bike. He was quiet, didn't interact with anyone, had a tiny single tent and was gone before we woke up. And now, right next to us, less than 10 feet away, is a woman from Colorado. She's driving a huge Expedition, has a triple sleeper tent, a lounge chair and a full set up with a large ice chest and a couple of tubs of stuff. I don't know that I'd do that - drive from out of state to a campground to spend 2 nights all on my own. Would you? Last night, she read her book well into the night and drake some white wine. Yes, we're that close. Today, she's facing the opposite direction, still reading and hasn't left except to go to the little store for ice and chips.

That also means that I've been sitting here all day too. Time to take the dog for another walk.

UPDATE - A dude showed up on a motorcycle Saturday afternoon. Shortly there after, they took off in her car. When they got back, they packed up her stuff and haven't been back. I'm thinking motorcycle guy is a wuss and insisted on a hotel room.


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