Monday, May 25, 2009

91. Bryce Canyon National Park

We've been at Bryce since the 21st. Once again, the park campgrounds were full, so we're at a KOA in Cannonville, UT. It's a little expensive for an RV park, but it has full hookups and is well situated near Bryce, Kodachrome and Escalante. Aside from the KOA, a BLM Ranger Station and a church, there isn't much more in Cannonville. I grew up in a small town and can tell you that Cannonville is tiny.


The weather has been hit and miss. Afternoon thunderstorms that bring wind, rain and colder temperatures. I love it. I'm happy in jeans and a sweater. And since the weather hasn't been great for hiking, we took a couple of long drives. The first to Bryce along the rim road, stopping at a number of looks outs. Phenomenal scenery. Wind, water, erosion have created these alien like hoodoos.

Bryce Hoodoos

The next day, Saturday, we took Lucy into Escalante Town to try to get a cell signal to make our calls and reservations. More rocky, mountainous formations along the sides of the road. I wonder if after a while you take all of this for granted and don't notice the color and texture changes.


Afterwards, we drove to Kodachrome State Park. We wanted to tour the campground, but couldn't without paying the entrance fee, so we took a map and were on our way. We got enough of a view of the colorful rocks from the road on the way in.


Yesterday, the Mr went mountain biking while Lucy and I stuck around camp. My vertigo is back a bit and I was hoping that a day out of the car would stop the ground from spinning. No such luck. I thought I'd get some knitting done, but by the time we picked up the Tango, went for a walk and then showered, he was back.

Today, we hiked in Bryce, getting really lucky in between thunderstorms. It's a whole different view from inside the canyon. I really wanted to scramble up the sides, but we stuck to the trail. Down was cake. Up, not so much. Elevation was 8115 and I felt it. After the hike, we had a mini picnic with our PB&Js (transports well while hiking, protein) and then drove into Tropic, UT to buy a few groceries. Tropic is just a bit bigger than Cannonville, but kind of cute. Then back to Lucy and the Tango, put the groceries away, changed out the ice trays, took a shower, shaved my legs, have a Murad mask on my face, feeling kind of girly and am about to try to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy online while it storms outside. It's been a good day.



Blogger april said...

did you see it??!! i just got caught up this weekend with Grey's and Lost

your pictures, by the way, are fantastic -- i love this kind of terrain as well - will check out all the pics on the mr's site

May 26, 2009 at 2:46 PM  
Blogger Jaime said...

NO. Connection was too slow. Don't tell me what happened. No, tell me. Does Izzy die? Wait, don't tell me.


May 27, 2009 at 8:24 AM  

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