Thursday, May 21, 2009

90. Zion National Park

Zion is stunning. As you know, I'm not exactly Nature Girl. Sure, I've pretended at times. And I can do it for a while, but really, I'm not. Zion, though, is a place I could really get into. I like rocks and the rock formations are just amazing. You stop, stare and just wonder how the hell that happen?

The park campgrounds were full, but we were able to sneak in before the holiday at a private RV park. Perfectly located in Springdale, UT, a short walk from the park entrance with full hook ups. The desk staff was not friendly, nor helpful and actually almost rude. Which is unusual for an RV park, but I guess when you've got a monopoly on the situation, you don't have to be nice.

Unfortunately, we only had two nights here, which really isn't long enough. I would definitely come back. Even if it was just to take the crazy drive down the canyon, through the skinny, dark tunnel. I shot a little video which is posted on the Mr's blog. 25mph never felt so fast.


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