Saturday, May 30, 2009

94. Capital Reef National Park

On to the next National Park - Capital Reef. More crazy rock formations and stormy weather.

This one is called The Castle.

We're camping at 1000 Lakes Campground in Torrey, UT, about 7 miles from the National Park. The CG is nice and we have a great view from our site (which I would love to show you, but I'm told that the photos didn't turn out). Our first night here we signed up for what was billed as a Cowboy Cookout with your choice of meats served with dutch oven potatoes, cowboy beans, Morman scones with honey butter, ice tea. lemonade or water. We both pre-ordered the rib eye. It was either that or the ground buffalo patty. Expectations were high. And that should have been our first clue that we were building this up far too much. The food was bland. The scones? Not exactly scones. More like pillows of state fair elephant ears without the sugar sprinkles. The "famous" honey butter tasted like watered down, chemically treated, bit of honey margarine. But oh how they were proud of their scones, refilling your plate every chance they had. I'm not sure what was "cowboy" about the whole event. Certainly wasn't the music - Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA followed by Wham's Careless Whispers. We did manage to find beers - Coors. It was beautiful.


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