Tuesday, June 9, 2009

97. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

What can I say? It's spectacular rockitecture.



As much as I would like to stay put, the Mr has kept me pretty active.


We've been hiking and driving and sight seeing and going to town. The Mr has been mountain biking a couple of times. Lucy has been hanging and napping since dogs can't go on any of the trails. In fact, in Canyonlands, dogs aren't even allowed in the car on the dirt roads. We snuck her in and she's getting a little better in the car. She's still a lap bandit and can't not be on me. Apparently, Lucy just doesn't like to ride bitch.


And in return, I annoy her with the camera. It's fun.


I think we're fully into our camping groove. We've fallen into horribly traditional male / female roles. The Mr deals with the outside trailer stuff - the hitch and leveling and stabilizers and the tanks. I've got the inside, domestic donna stuff. I find myself doing most of the cooking, cleaning up, doing the laundry (5 loads yesterday), making the bed. It's strange for us and there is no way it would be ok at home, but for whatever reason, it's working out here. We each have a particular ways of doing things and sometimes, it's just best to stay out of the way. Like I said, it's working out here. When we get back, things WILL go back to normal.

We've spent a little time in Moab. Stocked up at King's Market (like Ralph's), burger and beers at the Moab Brewery, beers at Eddie McStiff's where we had to buy a $4 temperory membership to drink at the bar (in exchange for your membership, they do give you $4 off your meal, but since we weren't eating, I bought an Eddie McStiff's t-shirt instead), thai curry at Singha and a lunch back at Eddie McStiff's where the Mr had a buffalo burger.

Yesterday, while he was riding, I ran a few errands that included a stop at the local yarn shop, Desert Threads. It was ok. I walked in on two women knitting on a couch and had to say hi first. I hate that. Considering that I was the only other person in the store, they were surprisingly indifferent. I was hoping to find some good local yarn, maybe buffalo (they have to do something with the rest of the body; don't they?). They had some local wool, but it was itchy and crunchy. Disappointing, but I did find some buttons for the cardigan I'm working on.

We had planned to head to Mesa Verde this morning, but decided to take another day to work on the leaky tub and defrost the fridge and freezer. Fun stuff. It hasn't been the nicest of days - dark, windy, stormy - so not the worst day to be inside. And on that note, here comes the Mr with my Salty Dog...


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