Sunday, May 18, 2008

28. Not Dreaming

This morning, it occured to me that I've stopped dreaming. Or at least I'm not remembering my dreams. The last dream I remember having was a couple of nights after my last day of work. In the dream, we were broke and I was begging for my job back. At least I remember thinking it was me, but it didn't really look like me. Me in the dream had blonde hair and huge boobs (like Cs or something). I woke up at the point where my old boss was shoving me out of the building, yelling at me to just let it go. And since then, nothing. In the past, my dreams usually had a certain amount of anxiety associated with them. Sometimes, I'd go so far as to call them nightmares, especially the I forgot to do something dreams. Even worse were the back in high school dreams. And now that there isn't any work, they're gone. It would be nice if they could be replaced with flowery, happy, peaceful dreams, but I guess no dream is better than stressed out dream.

And speaking of not dreaming, I FINALLY finished the Monkey Socks I started forever ago. No need to ramble on about them as so much has already been said about the pattern. The yarn is Koigu. Same story as the pattern. Great sock yarn.

And also these super pink Campfire Socks. The pattern is from Cider Moon and the yarn is some of Myra's hand died, washable wool. I had plans to keep them for myself at first, but then there was this little holiday the other Sunday, so they'll be delivered next week.

Lucy has this thing about nestling into the laundry. Freshly knitted socks work just as well.


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