Sunday, March 23, 2008

18. Happy Easter

I don't know what it's like where you are, but here it's just gorgeous. We're having one of those lazy sunny Sunday mornings where it's warmer outside than inside. The doors are open. Mellow music playing. Making our way through the paper with a huge pot of coffee. Sure, we should be packing, but we had a bit of a rough night. The Mr had to call the police at 2am to report the obnoxious drunk neighbor in the back who'd been entertaining for a couple of hours. There's a history of law enforcement involvement there - the short version: messy divorce with an even messier custody dispute. In my Nyquil haze, I can't remember if I called again or if I just dreamt that he got in a huge shouting match with the people from the ratty house to the right and I had to call. Whatever, the point is we're tired, moving slow and dreading the part where we have to get moving.

And that's where the procrastination knitting has come in handy. I just noticed that Truffle, the Natasha yarn I'm using, matches my steamer chair pad.

In other news, I miss the bunny...she's still in Palm Springs.


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