Monday, April 21, 2008

21. First Day of the Rest of My Life?

Since giving notice, the last two weeks have been a complete blur. I had the baby shower last Sunday. The rollneck sweater was a big hit. One woman even suggested that the Santa Monica mommys from her kid's preschool would pay serious money for those in cashmere. Something to think about. I drove out the Palm Springs last weekend for a taste of what's coming and to visit the Mr. and Lucy.

The last week of work was tough. I really tried hard to get through everything and leave my cases in a good spot for my replacement, whom I started training. The last week was packed with lunches with wine and champagne, happy hours with cocktails and dinners with more wine. I suspect detox is just around the corner. I was a mess the last day. If I thought giving notice was rough, walking out was worse. Fortunately, a facial with Rita at Murad was waiting in the afternoon. And afterwards, I picked up EK back at the office to head to her house to get ready for a see you later knitini! Hair cut and errands over the weekend. And then Sunday morning, after pancakes from Mr. EK's $19.48 griddle, I left the South Bay for what may be the last time.

And so today was the first day of the new gig and truthfully, it didn't feel all that different. Sure, it was leasurely. We didn't have breakfast until 11, showering and getting out of the house took forever. Getting dressed, actually, took longer than it should have. If you recall, that was a concern. Black Nike Golf skort (huge pockets), white t-shirt, Bernardos. Boring, I know, but it would have been silly to make more of an effort. We had to check on the kitchen remodel, pick out hardware and light fixtures. Ended up at the Lowes in Palm Desert, which is far, but the Costco is right there, so we stopped in for lunch ($1.50 polish sausage dog and soda with refills) and it turns out, I was horribly underdressed. Man I wish I had a super secret invisible camera because I can't even begin to describe the woman in line in front of us. Beyond fried, over-processed yellow blonde hair, partially pulled back with a white jaw clip (if only it had been a banana clip). Skin a shade of orangy tan not seen on legs since QT, summer 1987. Chest - bulbous and served up if you know what I mean. Super short denim shorts accentuated by 4 inch platform wedge flip flops. Seriously a vision. Saw her later smoking a cigarette in the parking lot. I suspect that the super secret invisible camera would get a lot of use out here...Anyone know where to get one of those?


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