Thursday, April 3, 2008

19. Once Again

Once again, it's confirmed. I am such a girl. I gave notice today. And couldn't get through it without tears. Such a girl.

But the deed is done. The cat is out of the bag as they say. My bosses and co-workers were surprised. Shocked is probably more accurate. And after that, the reactions have been mixed. The most common response: what are you going to DO? And I've been thinking about that too. Knit (my project list is big). Obviously, but what I'm really going to work on is learning to quiet my mind. I'm realizing how the wheels spin. Always thinking about what's next, what I should be doing, making mental lists, counting. Wait, do I sound a little crazy? Maybe, but I want to learn to be present and not think about the what's next. Wonder where my yoga mat is...

By the way, 28Thirty is back on the needles and turning out to be quite lovely. Photos soon.


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