Tuesday, July 21, 2009

107. Together

I was worried about The Mr and me spending so much time together. Would we drive each other crazy? Definitely. It's not that big of a trailer. Would we need time away? For sure. Would we run out of things to talk about? Maybe, but probably unlikely with car conversations like this.

We're driving in Rocky Mountain National Park. Moose X-ing signs all over the place. We'd just seen what I thought was a young male deer grazing by Mary's Lake.

Me: Do deer and moose get along?

The Mr: Sure. Why not?

Me: So if they met in a meadow, they wouldn't fight like in those animal attack videos? They'd hang out, eat some grass, no problem?

The Mr: Sure.

Short Silence

The Mr: Sometimes they hump.

Me: Really? They can mate?

The Mr: Sure.

Me: What'd they call it?

The Mr: Meer.

Me: Or Doose. Definitely Doose.

In retrospect, I'm pretty sure it was an elk.


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