Thursday, July 10, 2008

41. Tranquilo

We moved marinas. We're now at Marino Milagro. It's not as super deluxe, but the guys are nice, it's closer to town and much cheaper. The dock guys say it's Tranquilo here. They're talking about the marina, but it pretty much sums up our frame of mind as well.

This marina isn't all that busy, but there is a large power boat at the end of the dock. They have an ice maker. Can you imagine? Decadant! She brought some over for us the other day. She also cut the Mr's hair, trimmed mine and cleaned up Capt Jim's beard. I think he's getting pretty for his homecoming. She's also a total tanaholic. Remember the older woman in There's Something About Mary? The one with the dog that attacks Ben Stiller? This lady looks like that. And still goes to the beach almost every day, has an umbrella, but doesn't sit under it. She says it's a waste. Total tanaholic.

But chatting with her has made me realize how much I miss being around girls. I'm staying in touch via email, but it's just not the same. The boys just aren't responsive when I accidently say the randy randoms that run through my mind.

Why wouldn't Baby want to be in the corner? Don't you have the best view from the corner?

Should I be shaving my upper leg?

Do you think I need to trim my eyebrows? Rita used to do it and I'm scared. Can you do it?

Isn't it strange that bugs seem to bite twice in almost the same spot?

Does my hair look brassy?

Do you think they have yarn shops in Merida? What about in Guatemala?

Is it ok to mix Bonine, Benadryl and Ambien at night?

What do you think they're doing at home right now?

Will Lucy remember us when we get back?

Is it possible to be too tan?

I miss the girls.


Anonymous april said...

And the girls CERTAINLY miss you and your randy random thoughts!! Go ahead and trim your eyebrows - you're still on the road for awhile so if you have "an incident," it's not like the boys will really notice and you'll be fine by the time you get back among your bitches who might say something. I keep tellin' 'ya - Nice 'n Easy, Sister, if you've got that brassy feeling. XO April

July 15, 2008 at 2:54 PM  

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