Monday, June 9, 2008

35. Garbutt Caye

After almost a week in Placencia, we finally untied and motor sailed out to Laughing Bird Caye for some afternoon snorkeling. It's one of my favorite places - warm water, sandy bottom, clear water, lots of tropical fish and coral formations. We didn't stay all that long as a storm came up and we headed to Long Cocoa Caye for what turned out to be an uncomfortable anchorage - high winds, very rolly seas. Fortunately, we only stayed for one night before sailing to Garbutt Caye, home of ex-con Harry, the unofficial mayor of the Caye. Dad makes a point to visit each time he's in the area and brings a little something to trade for fresh fish or lobster. Usually books or magazine, a can-opener, candles, things to make his life on the island a little easier. This year it was a bottle of rot-gut booze from Guatemala. 2% alcohol, 98% agricultural distillates. We didn't see Harry again before we left...


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