Friday, May 23, 2008

30. 1st Leg

Palm Springs to Portland. First class flight with Lucy. We nearly missed it and didn't realize we were late until my name was announced over the loud speaker. So embarrassing to be the last one on the plane and then to have to get Lucy settled in her bag under the seat. We followed the rules from PS to SF, but after reaching cruising altitude, I snuck her onto my seat, tucked her under a blanket and no one seemed to mind or notice. Or maybe they did and I was too busy getting my fill of Sea Breezes, not knitting, to notice. Regardless, Lucy did pretty well on the trip. She's either getting used to the bag or the drugs really worked this time.

Oregon is green. Greener than I remember. And I'm not even minding the dampness and the rain. Of course, I've only been here for something like 20 hours, but it is a nice change. And talk about happy to have 28Thirty finished. Can you say Life Saver?!


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