Saturday, May 31, 2008

32. The Best Day

Yesterday was such a great day. I'm still in Sisters with Scott's parents. It was warm and sunny. We took Lucy for a walk. My FIL made breakfast. We leisurely ate out on the deck with a view of the Three Sisters. I would have taken a morning picture, but the camera was, well it was inside and it was just so nice outside that I couldn't be bothered to get up. I emailed with the Mr (who is stuck in Placencia, Belize and won't be meeting me in Belize City as planned due to a little tropical depression that hit the other night) and then my MIL and I went into Sisters to check out the LYS, The Stitchin Post. It's more of a quilting store, but they do have a nice little selection of yarns with hardly any acrylic to be found. But the best part of the entire day was that after wondering around Sisters for a bit, we went to the opening show of Sex and The City. I won't spoil it with any details, but if you watched the series and haven't seen the movie, run, don't walk to the theater. Right now. Go.


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