Friday, November 28, 2008

74. Lucy Swallowed a Rottweiler

Either that or the drugs have turned her into a big dog. She's eating 3 times as much as normal, acts like we haven't fed her in weeks and drinks a ton of water. Of course all of this means that she's also peeing and pooping like a big dog. Like a big dog with a teeney tiny bladder. A teeny tiny uncontrollable bladder. We took her off the Mirtazapine (aka Puppy Pot) to see if that helped at all. It didn't. We've cut her Prednisone dosage in half and will see if that makes a difference.

The good news is that her breathing is back to normal and she has moments when you can't even tell she's sick. We have to get the bladder under control. Either that or buy stock in Nature's Miracle.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

73. This makes me smile.

And then I cry.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

72. The First Oncologist Appointment

We saw Dr. Macy, Lucy's oncologist on Sunday. He was so great. He sat on the floor with us. He walked us through Lucy's labs, answered all our questions, used humor when it was possible and was basically a real person. He acknowledged what we were feeling, but didn't play down the severity of her cancer. She's young (only 4), otherwise healthy and because of that, we are going to treat her. Who am I kidding? She could be 12 and we'd still treat her. We'd do whatever it takes to keep her alive.

She received her first IV chemotherapy infusion (a cocktail of drugs) has a number of pills to take throughout the day and we'll just hope she responds. The prognosis isn't great. 85% of treated dogs with lymphoma last for a year. She looks like hell. Both sides of her chest are shaved. She has a big bandage on her back leg. Her breathing is better, but she's still pretty lethargic.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Lucy is sick. She was having trouble breathing on Sunday and Monday. We thought it was just the dry weather, but it wasn't getting better. I had to be is LA this week, so Scott took her to see the vet on Tuesday. They took an x-ray, found her chest cavity filled with fluid, tapped her chest to remove some of the fluid. It helped and her breathing was a little better. The fluid was sent out for testing. Scott got the results on Wednesday and told me yesterday. She has cancer. Lymphoma. We see an oncologist on Sunday. It's devastating news.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

70. November 4th

It's Election Day and all I am going to say is that it's a very exciting time.