Friday, November 28, 2008

74. Lucy Swallowed a Rottweiler

Either that or the drugs have turned her into a big dog. She's eating 3 times as much as normal, acts like we haven't fed her in weeks and drinks a ton of water. Of course all of this means that she's also peeing and pooping like a big dog. Like a big dog with a teeney tiny bladder. A teeny tiny uncontrollable bladder. We took her off the Mirtazapine (aka Puppy Pot) to see if that helped at all. It didn't. We've cut her Prednisone dosage in half and will see if that makes a difference.

The good news is that her breathing is back to normal and she has moments when you can't even tell she's sick. We have to get the bladder under control. Either that or buy stock in Nature's Miracle.


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