Sunday, September 14, 2008

66. Crater Lake

Just back from 5 days at Crater Lake National Forest in the BAM (big ass motorhome). It's seriously my kind of camping, aside from the dirt. It was that super fine stuff that just sticks to everything. Lucy was filthy, but had a great time. Especially riding around the lake in the Jeep.


And getting out for a better look / sniff.


The water really is that blue.

And while the Mr and the MIL took a boat trip out to Wizard Island, I did what I like to do best.

Almost forgot, we celebrated the Mr's birthday at my Catholic school in Bend. McMenamins bought the property and turned it into a hotel, restaurant, bar and movie theater. Great use of Catholic school if you ask me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

65. That Was Weird

Kate had a home volleyball game last night. We went. She played well, had some good hits. That wasn't weird. What was weird was that so much was the same. Lockers, the gym, the people watching. Same people or at least same clans. Saw a couple of girls from my class. The same. Consensus was that I hadn't changed much. And there was talk of a 20 year reunion next summer. 20 years. Can you imagine?

We're off to the ILs later today. I think we might go camping. Not to worry. I'll be fine. They don't exactly rough it...