Sunday, July 27, 2008

46. Cold!

The Mr says I have about a 5-degree acceptable temperature variant range. It’s somewhere between 71 and 76. It gets much cooler than that here, especially in the evenings. After the last two months of hot, you have no idea how happy I am about that. I mean, I am so in my element – layered up with jeans, t-shirt, sleeves, 28Thirty and scarf. Yep, I am finally wearing something I made and after all the days of looking at it in the heat and wondering why in the hell I was schlepping this heavy wool sweater when I’m desperate for more luggage space and could barely stand to have clothes on at all, I am extremely grateful that Mr said to bring it. And in case you think I must look funny all wrapped up, you should know that all the backpackers wear scarves and I totally blend in. Sort of. Aside from the 10 – 15 year age difference.


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