Monday, August 18, 2008

61. Monos

We've extended our stay in Oaxaca one more night. We've just had our communal breakfast (always a joy) and are enjoying a cup of coffee on the rooftop terrace at the hotel.

The Mr was up here the other night and reported seeing a parade and monkeys. I thought he meant monkeys in the parade and didn't believe him when he said they were on the roof. But they are. After asking for restaurant recommendations, one of the hotel guys confirmed that the neighbor has two pet monkeys in a cage in the corner of her terrace. Jose and Peter. She also has a big dog. I don't know what his name is. The monkeys have hammocks. It's funny. You have to look really closely, but they're in there. We're also thinking we need a zoom lense for the camera.

I'm not sure why, but white suits have been on my mind. Not dinner jackets or monkey suits, but actual suits. White pants and jacket. I haven't been able to decide if they're better on a man or a woman. And do you have to be super tan to pull it off? You certainly have to be careful with your undergarments.

We leave Oaxaca tomorrow. 8:30am bus to Veracruz. Slumming it on the regular ADO line. The GL left later in the early evening and got us to Veracruz in the middle of the night. From what I understand, Veracruz is not a place you would want to arrive at in the middle of the night. The Mr has booked us a nice hotel on the harbor and we'll tuck in until our bus leaves for Matamores on Tuesday.


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