Thursday, August 14, 2008

59. Oaxaca

The overnight bus to Oaxaca was, thankfully, uneventful. Overnight is the way to go. I knit until about 11, took 1/2 an Ambian and hardly noticed the two times we were boarded by Mexican immigration officers. We arrived Oaxaca just after 8am, took a taxi to Casa de las Bugambilias and was able to have breakfast, family style. All Americans at the table. And of course, there is always one person who takes over the table. This time it was a woman from San Francisco, fluent in Spanish, 5th trip to Oaxaca, was recently on an archeological dig in Peru, said things like "in mesoamerica" and is traveling with her "friend" Diane. Not that I was listening.

Our room wasn't going to be ready until 1, so we sleep walked around the city, found the Anador walk street with shops, restaurants, galleries and museums. Lots of old churches and colonial buildings. We're pretty immune to old buildings at this point, but we did our share of sight seeing. Oaxaca has a bit of a cosmopolitan feel to it and I suspect the Mr and I will be horribly underdressed.

We were a little disappointed once we got into our room, Camelias. Silly me thinking there would be more to it than what's is the online photo. It's basically the step-child of the hotel - small, tucked over the kitchen with a seperate entrance, no AC or balcony. But it was the cheapest and that's why we booked it. The bed is Mexican (And what is it with matresses in Mexico? Why is it so difficult to find a decent matress? One that isn't cement, or doesn't have springs digging into you? And don't even get me started on the pancake pillows.) but the sheets are soft, the towels are thick and there is a hair dryer. A hair dyer! Fancy. I think I'll give myself a little facial tonight.


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