Wednesday, August 13, 2008

58. Back to SC

Our tourist van was scheduled to leave Antigua at 4:30am. I knew it was going to be a rough day. I just didn't know how horrible it was going to be. We were up at 2:30 because I forgot about the time change when I was setting the alarm on the cell phone. The van picked us up at 4:15. We were the first passengers and I was able to convince the driver to let me sit in the front because I can get "enferma de coche". Not exactly the right way to say car sick, but he got the idea. And maybe I shouldn't have said anything because that's exactly what I was less than two hours into the trip. I have no idea why I've hung on to two of Lucy's poop bags, but was so grateful to have them because tourist buses only make scheduled stops and they're not all that often.

There was a group of Spaniards on the van with us. I love that Spanish lisp, saying grathias instead of gracias. The Mr's teacher said that some people in Central America talk with the lisp, but that it's considered an affectation. Kind of like Madonna's accent.

We made it to Sol y Luna just as it was starting to rain. Cisco gave us the tour and got us settled in. The whole place is very eclectic - art and stuff on every wall. Our room has a chimenea in the corner and robes hinging in the closet. Good thing the Mr was a boy scout. His fires have been really good. It's still the rainy season in Central America. The dampness just goes right through me, but the fires have really help. Plus, when you can find a sunny spot...

SOL y LUNA Guest Inn

Cisco was a film photographer in Los Angeles, has been in San Cristobal for over 14 years and is a bit of a hippy with an amazing collection of rare and otherwise illegal orchids. Apparently, when he started collecting the illegal species, he had a friend in the government who smoothed his way and he's now working with an NGO to create an orchid museum in San Cristobal. Cisco was very kind to me while I wasn't feeling well. He made me tea from his peppermint plant. And got me a bucket. He has two cats that hang around the house. They're brothers. I can't remember their names, but they're Spanish and start with L. Lola and Lolita? No. They're boys. Anyway, keep in mind that I'm not really a cat person, but aside from the cat hair on some of the chairs, I liked these cats. Cisco's a great host, puts out a really satisflying breakfast and if you're ever in San Cristobal, you must stay with him. He also has music playing throughout the day. I can't remember the last time I listened to Deep Purple, but it was exactly right on today.

Sol y Luna Orchids

I've given up on my yarn search. I'm convinced you can't buy yarn in Central America. At least, not where we've been. I have, however, been knitting a bit more. Maybe it's the cold. I'm making some progress on the Guatemalan girl socks. That's how I'm thinking of the colors, Guatemalan.

Notice my sleeve. 28Thirty is getting serious usage on this trip. It takes up a ton of space and every time I'm packing, I curse the damn thing, but once the temp drops, I'm so glad I have it. Who would have thought?


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