Friday, February 8, 2008

5. Monkey Blocked

And not the good king of blocking. Blocked as in not making much progress on the Monkeys. I received a summons for Federal jury duty downtown and have been checking in for the past week. Since Tuesday I've actually been on a case and for some strange reason, they don't let you knit while court is in session. My lunch breaks, while an hour and a half long, were completely monopolized by my jury boyfriend (a big talker, slow walker IT manager for a major fruit company). For me, downtown may as well be Mars. I never go downtown. Never been to Olvera Street, MOCA, China Town. Sure, I've been to the Rooftop Bar at the Standard for drinks. Staples Center for shows. The Flower Market once or twice. But never just downtown to go downtown. We did manage to get big talker to sushi in Little Japan, but the walk was painfully slow.

Hopefully there will be Monkey business this weekend.


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