Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So I finally have "real" health insurance, meaning not KP. And while I didn't mind the whole HMO thing (not so bad once you find doctors you like), it turns out that I might not have been getting the best medical attention. I'm not even sure how to feel right now - it's early and there are more test to run. But it really makes me think that KP earned it's reputation.

We're also preparing to sell our house. I thought I was ready, but am finding myself in tears over the slightest things (the Mr. washed my favorite black pashmina, my dining room chair covers have been discontinued, my haircut looks weird, my favorite pants are too short). I love our house and we've put so much into it. But as it turns out, not enough stuff. We let the realtor do her staging thing, but it's not as easy as I thought to listen to criticism of my decorating sensibilities. Plus, we don't exactly have the same sense of style. For example:

And with all this going on, I haven't made much progress on the Monkeys since I haven't been able to concentrate. I did finish the body of Popeye's (I don't think that's going to be his real name, but this is LA, so you never know) sweater. I also learned that my counsin in Texas has outgrown his Sponge Bob hat, so I started an earflap hat for him, which means one for his brother too. And speaking of earflap hats, they're everywhere. Good thing my knitting girls made ours. We affectionately refer to them as Drinking Hats. A girl has to have something special to wear to her Knitinis. Right?


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